Better poll results, please

Sara Dangerfield


It has come to my attention today that a poll that I had voted for on Facebook was in direct conflict with a poll that is on your business’ website. The poll’s question was, “Would you like to see a new discussion from Minot Parks District about a new aquatics center?” Your newspaper published results as follows: Yes 33.58% No 66.42%. But your Facebook page has these results: Yes 77% No 23%. Because I saw the differences, I called the newspaper and chatted with a lady in your editorials, or possibly opinions, department. I got transferred on the call, so I am unsure with who I chatted with. She was very polite and went on to tell me that the newspaper only posts the results of the question based off the newspaper’s website poll, and that the Facebook page is posting the poll simply for the comments it produces.

Editor, I feel that these two systems (possibly more, if you use Twitter as well) are in conflict with one another and confuses your readers. I would even go as far as saying it is unethical. The newspaper’s job is to produce facts and information, so that their readers can be “in the know” on their community, their state, and their world. Your printed information on this poll is not accurate. And I daresay unfair to all those who did the poll on Facebook. Yes, I used the word unfair. And I understand that word is often used inaccurately, but it is what it is.

I am a parent of Minot Swim Club members. In addition to being committed club members, our entire family attended the Minot Parks open-forum community meeting, and I feel that what was posted, and the differences between print and social media, is merely a scam to get a rise out of your readers. I also feel that it is now a hindrance in moving forward toward getting this new aquatic center. I understand that the newspaper doesn’t make those decisions, but if it’s doing its job of printing facts and information, it helps the voters become informed voters. In this instance, they are not informed of the need. As a Minot resident, I want to be proud to live in this city, from its schools systems, its politics, its Park and Rec departments, and even its newspaper. And in this, I can confidently say that I am deeply disappointed.

Please consider linking your social media polls with your website, so that when it’s printed on ink, it’s accurate information.

Editor’s Note: On the print edition of Minot Daily News Opinion page, it states to “Vote at MinotDailyNews.com” and “Comment on Facebook and Twitter @MinotDailyNews.” This is an unofficial poll.