Babies should not be disposable

Renae Perkins


I too feel, as Karen Gumke does in her ‘Letter to the Editor’ in the Feb. 2 newspaper, that I must speak up for the unborn rather than one day stand in front of God and admit I said nothing.

There’s so much killing in the news these days and so often it’s over someone wanting revenge or being unhappy in their life. We’ve almost grown numb to hearing it everyday, but it’s shown for everyone to see. Countless lives have been innocently taken because of another person’s selfishness. The pain it causes families is heartbreaking.

There’s another evil happening that we don’t see because it’s done behind closed doors. If we were allowed to see it, we’d be horrified! But if we tried to stop it, we’d more than likely be arrested. Abortion…the killing of innocent babies that isn’t reported on the news, but yet it’s permitted. The abortionist is allowed to walk free and kill more babies day after day. We now even have legislatures applauding and celebrating that this evil is now lawfully allowed to take place in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Why are unborn babies disposable? Why is it okay? Why can a woman decide just days before her baby is due that she doesn’t want the child so therefore he/she can be killed? How does that make sense? What is it that’s being killed if it’s not a child, a baby? At nine months the baby is fully developed and ready to be brought into the world to bring joy to someone’s life. Sadly, he/she has no defense against the killing instruments of the abortionist. So because of that, the nine months in the womb is the only life the child has and it ends, in whatever month, in excruciating pain and horror to that child with no one to comfort him/her. I could explain some of the horrid ways in which the abortionist kills the babies, but I’m afraid my letter wouldn’t make the ‘Letters to the Editor’ because it’s too grotesque.

As I said in regards to all the killings we see on TV, “Countless lives have been innocently taken because of another person’s selfishness.” I also say this in regards to the babies whose lives are being taken inside the mother. In most cases this will eventually cause the mother and the family heartbreak.