AP Fact Check

Phil Weigel


In the February 24th Sunday paper, there was a very long article by the Associated Press trying to exonerate Robert Mueller’s investigation and it’s written in a way that’s very plausible.

Too bad that it’s built on a foundation of lies.

Let’s break this down very quickly, shall we? Yes, there were likely Russian hackers trying to access the DNC emails, but they weren’t the ones who published them. Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, downloaded the emails and sent them to Wikileaks. And, like many who double-crossed Hillary Clinton in her lifetime, he ended up dead in a mugging gone wrong, where nothing of value he had on him was stolen. Funny that.

The “sowing distrust towards politicians” is a complete and total lie. For DECADES the three biggest complaints about politicians are “not keeping promises,” “lying to the people” and “beholden to special interests.” I’m old enough to remember people complaining about that since the 1980s. Heck, MAD Magazine had a joke article about “you’re now the President of the United States, here’s a list of special interest groups you have to appease now, including NAMBLA” years ago. Is MAD Magazine a Russian operative now?

And buying adverts and stuff online? The amount spent by Russians for the election was less than a quarter million dollars. Hillary Clinton spent over a billion and lost and Trump got over a billion in free coverage by the media.

Remember that over 90% of the corporate media is blatantly anti-Trump and will spew whatever falsehoods they want to make him look bad. Do not forget that the Covington Catholic kids, despite what some people might think, were slandered by the media so badly that they are suing the media, celebrities and notable pundits, including CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher.

And, most importantly, always question the narrative that you’re given, because the Associated Press and others have been caught lying to you before and they will do so again.

‘Tis a shame too, because the media that used to be very credible and reliable is now nothing more than propaganda.