Stop the shutdowns, balance the budget

Diane Zander


Why is there such a thing as a government shut down? If it continues to be a thing, it should be from top-down. Congress and the administration should work without pay, or aides, or security, or transportation, or cafeteria until reopened.

How about this: give each border state $1M for security. There are about 18 of them. Watch what they spend their security money on. Create an application process for additional funds. I figure that would be a well spent $18M. (Why are we at the point where we throw numbers like billions and trillions around so cavalierly?)

Mr. Mulvaney said he has found billions in couch change for the wall. Apparently we have even bigger budget problems than we thought.

I bet George would not mind his federal holiday being moved to the first Tuesday in November. Let’s call it All Presidents Have Birthdays/National Voting Day!

Maybe two amendments would help: no government shutdowns, balanced budget.