Celebrating gone wrong

Karen Gumke


It was with utter horror and dismay that I listened to raucous enthusiasm, cheering and clapping as the New York legislature celebrated the most depraved, incomprehensible abortion law passed to date in our nation.

It was one more shattering blow leveled at the most helpless and defenseless of humankind, the pre-born babies; administered by the “progressive” right, led by the Democrat party and granted a pass by the silent majority.

I cannot face standing one day before God Almighty and admit I said nothing.

No deception is greater than self-deception, and because of that we have developed into a fine art, the justification of behavior of any kind as a right, all for the sake of self-gratification. People, we are complicit in our silence, and giving money to Right-to-Life organizations is no substitute for standing idly by. Over 60,000,000 babies have been murdered for the sake of self-gratification. We give license to people upon whom I will not bestow the honor of the title of “Doctor” to act as serial killers. And we open the doors to invite in anyone who desires to have an “inconvenience” erased. You can’t spank your child, but you can kill it before it is born.

Nearly every major civilization that has fallen, has not fallen primarily at the hands of invaders, but because of moral and social decay from within; the kind of decay happening here in America. Trust me when I say, as a nation we will pay dearly for sacrificing the innocent babies on the altars of selfishness and greed. Legislators and citizens have shaken their fists in the face of God their Creator and with arrogance have said, “We decide who lives and dies.” That alone should send every one of us down on our knees to pray for forgiveness, and then cause us to rise, speak up, and stand against the evil that is sweeping our land before it’s too late.