Start working for the people

Gary Offer


Some members of the state Legislature are at it again. Take us back to the overwhelming voter approved medical marijuana initiated measure. Two years have passed and it has been cut up so bad that it looks worse then the frog I dissected in biology.

If that was not enough the 6.5 percent oil extraction tax also went down the same path as the frog. Shortly there-after along comes the voter approved ethics measure. This could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Free pizza, beer, cigars, oil gravy money, pharmaceutical bills in a bottle, or whatever shape and size the money comes in to make their decisions easy is suddenly in a holding pattern. Now there are shouts of citizen initiated measure tyranny. So now discussions are already taking place that initiated measures brought forward by us rebellious citizens have to have legislative approval to move forward or sent on the fast track to the landfill. We are being told that we do not possess the talent of our elected officials. The citizens have been labeled clueless and ignorant. The part I would agree on is the part where we voted for them. The session will kick off in January with the halls and chambers full of elected officials. Some good, some questionable, with the majority bad. Two things we will notice in January are the temperature outside and the intelligence level inside. My guess they will both be falling. I ran across a quote recently and it goes like this, “When politics is no longer a mission but a profession, politicians become more self-serving than public servants.” The voice of the people is all we have, so start working for the people. When you remove the people’s voice you have fascism.