Is true journalism dead?

Craig Argabright


Is true journalism dead? Where are the journalists that search the news, follow up, and answer the questions, who, what, where, when, and why?

Where are the journalists that would research the topic and then report the complete truth rather than take a bit out of context that fits a pre-conceived narrative?

Whether you like President Trump or not, you need to admit, if not in public, at least to the person in the mirror, journalists today are lazy.

Lazy journalists are just as much a threat to a free republic as any invading force.

Last week an incident occurred and has been viral on internet citing contending that high school kids were mocked a Native American Elder, Nathan Phillips, identified as a Vietnam Vet. Some of us were taught as children, “if you cannot say anything nice, be still and smile.” After all of the video evidence has come out, it is obvious that Nick Sandman, of Covington Catholic School, appeared to have been taught this lesson as he stood still with a smile trying not to escalate anything.

In fact, after reviewing all of the video it is obvious that Nick and his fellow students were the victims here. Why? The full video seems to indicate the aggressors (Phillips and followers) came toward Nick and his classmates simply because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

Where is the fully journalistic view of the now evident videos that the Covington school kids were not the aggressors? The aggressors were actually a group identified as Black Hebrew Israelites and Nathan Phillips, himself. The racial slurs came from the Black Israelites and Phillips followers.

Here in ND the KX network and other media jumped on the band wagon and perpetrated the fallacy. We should expect more in ND when the true aggressor, Phillips, was instrumental in the DAPL protests in ND. Regardless, even after the full story has surfaced, Joel Heitcamp in his Facebook blog, tries to keep it going with his blog asking why a Catholic School would allow such actions.

All the media and pundits need to publicly apologize for lazy journalism and perpetrating falsehoods and hate. I can understand Joel Heitcamp will most likely not apologize as he is a Democrat hack and not a journalist.

However, KX Network, as well as all other North Dakota media outlets, need to apologize. You should have known better.