Think outside the box

Chris Baker


Dear school board, please ditch the box constraining your thinking!

There is another, better, possibility for the high school conundrum. Find a landowner, between here and Kenmare, willing to donate a section, or two, of land to the school district. As I understand it that would be a tax deductible donation as long as the donor does not direct the land’s subsequent use. The school board can then trade that land for the current state fair site and repurposing existing facilities, adding as NEEDED, and allowing the Historical Society to remain in perpetuity.

One school for one city for with one purpose – the best education for each and every child.

The more schools the more teams and the more non-educational spending. We are in the process of forming a parks AND recreation department. Moving child athletics to the parks system, with the government supplying the real estate and the participants responsible for staffing and portable equipment, would get that monkey off the backs of the schools and remove the influence of athletics on classes and grades.

In other words kids could play if they want to without regard for grades and classes could move at rapid paces regardless of potential impact on a sport star’s ability to play. It is OK to be bad at math and good at football or good at math and bad at football – we need BOTH!

Continuing existing use of those grandstands could become a source of income for the schools. The community and the schools can and should share high cost infrastructure.

A state fair northwest of Minot would draw the attendees thru more of the state and its development would be a product of statewide efforts, not just sacrifices by Minoters. Bus and limo services ( maybe trains?), ranging from just transport to enroute spas, could then develop.

The new fairgrounds could be developed for the usual rural and 4H interests, that are huge in this state, AND for future forward areas of technology and science, with this fresh start.

Sound crazy? You bet, but I don’t live in a box!