Respect the will of the voters

Nathan Lee


I do not know where Andy Maragos is getting his information concerning the campaign of the endorsed District 3 Republican team. I have been part of that team from the beginning, and it is a grassroots campaign that has focused on the hard work of knocking on doors and meeting the constituents.

As an example, on one Saturday in May, a team of 40 volunteers knocked on approximately 2,700 doors. I was one of those volunteers. As a resident of District 3, I can tell you that it was not a “well funded opposition, who brought in outsiders to impact the election.” It was simply hard work by the candidates and people like me, Republicans supporting the endorsed Republican candidates, who were opposed to the liberal voting record of Andy Maragos.

For example, Andy has voted against life every time a pro-life bill has come before the House. His record is not pro-life, and when Andy speaks of “respect for all my constituents” he is apparently not talking about his pro-life constituents. Anyone can confirm this via votesmart.org.

Andy lost two races this year, one at the District 3 endorsement convention and the second at the June 12th primary. As an incumbent with huge name recognition, if it was true that the “voters…demonstrated strong support for my campaign” as stated in his letter, he would have won the primary. He did not. The voters spoke, and he lost.

It is time for Andy to respect the will of the voters.