Open letter to Heidi and Kevin

Ida McCombs


For the last few months we have been hearing all your ads on the radio and TV. We are all getting a little tired of the same old same old stuff. If we are concerned with how you voted on bills in the years you have served in the Senate and Congress, we can look them up online. We are more interested in what you can do in the future, if elected, not what happened in the past as that cannot be changed. Politics has turned into a smear contest instead of an educated election.

So, if you want my vote this election, tell me what you can try to do. now what the opponent has or has not done. We. as American people, are not stupid. Politicians think we are unable to make educated decisions. Maybe if we voted for limited years of service for our elected officials, then you would value our needs more during your tenure, not just at election time.

You have two months to convince me to vote for you and stop the smear ads. Maybe we should all look for a qualified candidate to write in and not choose either one of you.