Maragos misrepresents election results

Wyatt Smith


It looks like Andy Maragos is once again counting on voters not paying attention.

First, it appears he was counting on voters not paying attention to his liberal voting record prior to the June 12th primary election. He lost that election.

Now, it appears he is counting on people not paying attention to the primary election results!

In a KX News article of 8/20/18, he is quoted as saying, “The turnout was so small, it really isn’t reflective of what’s going on.”

Really? The facts don’t support that! Here are the results of the previous District 3 Primaries (District 3 elections occur during the National Mid-Term elections every 4 years):

In the 2010 primary election, there were 1,282 votes cast for the District 3 Republicans, and 566 for the Democrats for a total of 1,848 votes cast for District 3 Representatives.

In the 2014 primary election, there were 856 votes cast for the Republicans, and 439 votes cast for the Democrats, for a vote total of 1,295 votes.

In the 2018 primary election, there were 2,633 votes cast for the Republicans, and 773 votes cast for the Democrats, for a vote total of 3,406 votes.

This year’s primary election brought out an unprecedented record number of primary voters in District 3, almost double or triple previous primaries! These facts are on the North Dakota Secretary of State website, available for anyone who cares to look.

Andy is either not in touch with these District 3 facts, or he is counting on voters not catching his misrepresentation. Either way, District 3 voters should pay attention to these facts, and not support Andy’s independent run for State Senator, a run against the party he has belonged to all of his political career.