One Issue voters

Norton Lovold


I continue to be surprised by the arguments of voters who use abortion as their one issue to debate why they go with one party of the other.

Abortion has always been an option for women, from the beginning of time, either safe or unsafe. If a woman has the means, they will go where they can to get it done safely without any repercussions. If it is illegal, it will require those without the money to find other means. Before Roe, women were dying and doctors who cared about their patients were forced underground.

This is so wrong. Women have the right to their bodies, just as men do so let the women decide what is the best choice for them without government interference. Women’s Rights should not be a political argument. The legislators who fight so fiercely to decide reproductive rights are the same ones who are resistant to any kind of gun control or health issues that affect children. So, when do kids’ lives really matter?