Move museum to Burlington

M L Berg


Now that it seems that the handwriting is on the wall for the Ward County Historical Society in its tussle with the State Fair Board, it might be time to consider whether or not it is feasible for the Historical Society to move out to Burlington.

When I belonged to the Historical Society in the early 90s, I got the impression that it was still very much an Old Settlers’ Association, as opposed to a society that promoted the writing of history and the collection of documents along with accumulating everyday items used by pioneers.

I would suppose it still is, in the main, an Old Settlers’ Association.

Burlington already has an Old Settlers’ Park, so uniting the two would be right in line with, what I assume, is the Historical Society’s major focus.

The Burlington city council could be sounded out to see if it would be proper to assume control of the Historical Society – lock, stock, and museum – and find a place for it (well above any 100-year flood mark!) near their park.

I know financing such a move will be costly. It would be well if it can be done, especially since Burlington was the original county seat of Ward County, and perhaps should have been the site of the Ward County Historical Society to begin with!