MAGIC money for school safety

Richard Pardon


School safety and student discipline for the Minot Public Schools students and staff should be a top priority.

In my opinion we need no less than 9 resource officers to protect and detour potential threats – 2 for each of the large schools (Magic City Campus, Central Campus, Ramstad and Jim Hill and the ninth officer for Bell School).

Nine resource officers would cost approximately $765,000 each year.

The City of Minot is broke, the school district is broke, so where do the funds come from?

Solution: The MAGIC Fund!

The MAGIC Fund money spent for safety of our schools makes more sense that some of the fly by night projects they were involved with. It would also create nine jobs.

Folks, a shooting could happen in Minot. I hope not! I ask the question to the politicians and school board members: What is a student or staff member’s life worth?

Answer: Priceless!