Time for a change

Jerome Gruenberg, former county commissioner

Citizens of Minot and Ward County. In a previous letter to the editor, I stated that Minot citizens took steps in their election process to get rid of the “good old boy” system in local government and law enforcement. I stated that the appointed sheriff is a charter member of the good old boys club. He still is and it’s time for a change. Since his appointment by the county commissioners, he has lost 16 deputies and a similar number of correction officers because of his managment style. Some of the deputies were long term employees who earned officer status. He also put the deputy who is running against him in a position where he will get less public exposure. Pretty underhanded if you ask me. In the May 30 forum, he stated he would like to stay and finish what he has started. From what I’m seeing, the most notable thing he started is the out migration of his staff. That is not a very good record for an administration. This also begs the question how much tax money is being spent to train new people.

The states attorney office is another place that needs change since there seems to be a “good old girls” club there. Her record is only 29 wins in 53 trials.

It’s time for changes across the board at the county level. They have a lady who is in charge of building maintenance who has been physically and emotionally abusing an employee and the commission has chosen to sweep this problem under the rug. When this employee tried to bring this to the attention of the board solution was to “fire” him. This will possibly come back to cost the county a great deal when the truth and facts are all out in the public.

It’s time for a shake up at the county and we have good candidates for all of these positions and it’s time to make those changes.

Last issue I have is there is obvious evidence of retaliation at the county level, so I guess I need to watch my back going forward for stating what the public needs to know.


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