Tired of liberals running as Republicans

Greg Demme


I read with mild amusement your editorial of March 31, 2018, titled “Competition may liven up primary,” regarding the upcoming June 12 primary election among the Republican candidates for ND House of Representatives to represent District 3. I certainly echo your sentiment that citizens benefit from more competition for elected positions. Unfortunately, your editorial gave the impression that incumbent Andrew Maragos and Ward County Commissioner Alan Walter are the candidates providing healthy competition. The situation is exactly the opposite. Because the Republicans of District 3 are tired of uncontested elections, tired of liberals running as Republicans, and tired of candidates who refuse to even articulate any platform at all (much less a specifically conservative platform), District 3 Republicans overwhelmingly endorsed the grassroots candidates Jeff Hoverson and Bob Paulson to provide competition and provide District 3 Republicans with two clearly conservative candidates.

The overwhelming support garnered by Hoverson and Paulson (along with fellow conservative Oley Larsen, incumbent candidate for the District 3 Senate seat) came out of the largest District 3 Republican endorsement meeting in recent memory. While Maragos and Walter communicated no substance whatsoever regarding their platforms, Hoverson and Paulson both communicated strongly conservative platforms. They are pro-life, pro-liberty candidates who support limiting governmental overreach into the lives of citizens. They support the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and the idea that our Constitution, as both George Washington and John Adams clearly articulated, was designed only for a moral and religious people and is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. They support parental rights (especially in education), traditional marriage, and fiscal conservatism as well. It remains to be seen what platform Maragos and Walter will offer.


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