Crooked Cramer pocketed $370k from campaign account


It was barely a month ago that Congressman Kevin Cramer went on a statewide media tour saying it was best for North Dakota if he stayed in the House. He said he had gained seniority, influence and had a coveted committee assignment to influence things like the Farm Bill and North Dakota’s energy industry. Now, he seems to be changing his tune after some prodding by D.C. insiders like Mitch McConnell and an out-of-state billionaire who promised him some campaign cash.

Is that because Crooked Cramer views the Senate race as another “get rich quick” opportunity for himself and his family? Not only has his net worth nearly DOUBLED since he entered Congress – the Cramer family has pocketed nearly $370,000 from his campaign account. Can’t get more crooked than that. It looks like Crooked Cramer’s latest campaign is more about climbing the political ladder and making a few bucks rather than serving North Dakotans’ best interest.


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