Call it the ‘cost of living in Minot’ tax

Troy Johnson


I see a solution to Minot’s money problems, to start with, do what the oilfield does, lay everyone off, start over at a lower wage, take all the benefits away, including vacations and start from scratch. Also the ones that can’t get laid off gets a 10 percent cut, including the city attorney. Second, start bidding things out and stick to the amount, if the company doesn’t follow through, make sure they can’t work in the state anymore. I suggest using local help and negotiate better, buy cheaper slightly used equipment, I know health care keeps going up and that is the governments fault, run the police cars another year, things like that.

Or raise everyone’s property taxes at least 10 percent, and call it cost of living in Minot. Williston is not far behind, with its $250 million deficit.