Minot needs strong nonprofits to sustain the magic

Roger Reich

Megan Laudenschlager


Many people ask “What do nonprofits do for a community?”

Perhaps the better question to ask is “What DON’T nonprofits do for a community?”

Nonprofits in Minot and throughout the United States support and enhance our communities by providing for some of our most basic needs, including housing, shelter, food, recreation, and health services, just to name a few.

Housing and Shelter: Housing and shelter are not the same. Nonprofits support and provide housing by finding vulnerable individuals and families affordable, safe places to live or remodeling homes to make them more energy efficient and safe. Shelter is provided by finding individuals and families a temporary place to stay and giving them the support they need to get back on their feet.

Food: Food is a basic need that we all have, and Minot is lucky to have options for our citizens through the food pantries, soup kitchens, Backpack Buddies program, and Meals on Wheels. Without these services, many children would go hungry on the weekends, seniors wouldn’t receive the nutrition they need, and individuals and families wouldn’t be able to stretch their limited budgets without food supplements.

Recreation: Summer camps, playground equipment, and community exercise facilities are just some of the recreational opportunities that help us to live healthy and productive lives that wouldn’t be available at an affordable rate without the stewardship and commitment of nonprofits.

Health Services: Through clinics operating to serve populations in need, many of those who can’t afford care are able to get the help they need. Their needs could be as basic as an annual flu shot and dental cleaning or sometimes much more critical, lifesaving services.

Giving back to our community through your favorite charity, nonprofit direct-service provider, or foundation is a great way to make sure Minot’s most vital community assets are maintained and expanded to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors. Minot has long been nicknamed the Magic City, but without a strong nonprofit community, we will not maintain the magic for very long.

Consider making a donation or signing up to volunteer to support our community today! For more information on nonprofits in Minot, contact Minot Alliance of Nonprofits at 303-0840.