Views of all are valuable to process

The Minot City Council recently decided to reconfigure four lanes of Fourth Avenue Northwest between Broadway and 26th Street, creating one lane in each direction. There would be a center turn lane and bike lanes along the shoulders.

This plan follows changes made earlier on 16th Street from Fourth Avenue Northwest to Second Avenue Southeast.

Reading about the newest plan for Fourth Avenue Northwest in The Minot Daily News, a number of residents voiced their opinions about it through our Facebook page.

Some pointed out they thought it would be a good idea for pedestrians and children riding their bikes or drivers turning into Oak Park.

Others didn’t think turning the four-lane road into a two-lane road with a center turn lane and bike lanes is a very good idea.

Residents like to have a voice about the streets they travel every day or nearly every day. Sometimes they approve of street changes and other times they do not.

Whether it’s a change in a street or some other change, many turn to social media or write a letter to the newspaper to voice their opinions. Some might attend a city council meeting when the topic is discussed.

It’s good for citizens to hear what the planners are working on or proposing and for the planners to hear the views of the citizens.

In our opinion, the views of all benefit the process.


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