Minot AFB mission remains strong, ongoing

This past Monday the commander of 8th Air Force, Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara, announced in a news release issued by Air Force Global Strike Command’s Office of Public Affairs that two commanders and four subordinate leaders at Minot Air Force Base were relieved of their duties “due to a loss of confidence in their ability to complete their assigned duties.”

These are not easy decisions for higher level commanders to remove military members from their positions in their units.

Many learning of the removals immediately wondered what was the cause.

Later this past week it was reported the dismissals were based on non-compliance with safety regulations for vehicles and equipment, and the removal decision was based on one safety inspection but the units had not been compliant for some time.

The dismissals involved two units: the 5th Mission Support Group and 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron. 5th MSG’s focus is to deliver essential installation mission support and community service including the proper care of base facilities and infrastructure. The unit has around 1,600 military and civilian members serving the base’s two wings and other assigned tenant units. A Logistics Readiness Squadron specializes in deployment planning, supply chain operations, and fuels and transportation management. Both are essential to Minot AFB and its mission.

Minot AFB is a significant air base because it is the only dual wing nuclear-capable base in the Air Force. The 5th Bomb Wing has the B-52 bombers and the 91st Missile Wing operates, maintains and secures Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles in the Minot missile field. The bombers and ICBMS are two of the three legs of the Strategic Triad.

We are well aware the Air Force has taken much tougher discipline on its nuclear mission personnel in recent years.

“We have deliberate and disciplined inspection protocols and we expect 100% compliance. Anything less than 100% compliance is unacceptable. It’s that important to us,” said Col. Brus E. Vidal, director of Public Affairs at Air Force Global Strike Command.

We are confident the recent issue is being worked out while Minot AFB continues its commitment to defending this nation.


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