Thanks for help in search for missing Moxley

IF found, please contact Bob Patchen, MDN Publisher, 857-1912, bpatchen@minotdailynews.com

If you watch The Minot Daily News Facebook at all, you’re probably aware that my family cat is missing. Moxley has been missing for more than two weeks, and we miss her dearly. She’s an awesome cat. She’s a female orange cat. So right there she’s special, only about one in five orange cats are female. Every time I open the curtains to our bedroom window, I expect to see her lying in the sun. So, any information to help us find her is greatly appreciated.

But that’s not why I’m pecking away at my keyboard right now. I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has helped us in our search for Moxley. In no order, more the order I remember things: The folks at the city pound. You guys are amazing, thank you; The folks at the local rescues, Hairball Haven and For Belle’s Sake, thank you. Your kindness and understanding to us is so greatly appreciated; Judy Brooks, who has helped while we posted things online, ma’am, you are a rock star. Thank you so very much.

It’s amazing how much a community will come together to help a stranger find their beloved family member. To anyone I may have forgotten, my memory is shot, sorry and thank you.

Moxley is still missing. If you see her, email me at the email above. Heck, there may even be a reward for her safe return!

One last thing, if you see our Honda Pilot or Jeep Wrangler driving in circles around a neighborhood, we’re not casing the joint. We’re looking for our orange cat!


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