A former newspaperman remembered

Former newsman Leonard Lund traveled northwest and north central North Dakota to bring back to The Minot Daily News stories and photos about people in the rural area.

Every week, rain, snow or whatever weather condition, he set out in his car to make a trip to a farm, ranch or wherever he had scheduled his interview or interviews for that day.

A prolific writer, Lund wrote stories with extensive detail as he told about farmers and ranchers and whatever else he came upon he felt would be of interest to the newspaper’s readers. He was meticulous and strived to provide all the facts in each story.

Lund retired from The Minot Daily News a number of years ago. On Monday at the age of 98, he died at an assisted living facility here in Minot.

Early on Lund gained some of his experience in the newspaper business when he served in World War II and worked for the Stars and Stripes, the official U.S. military newspaper for Armed Forces personnel stationed overseas. He also got a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York City.

He first arrived at The Minot Daily News in February 1948 and stayed until September 1948, then returned in 1959 and stayed for many more years. During that time his jobs and coverage areas included photographer, reporter, outdoors, northwest, farm/ranch and features. For many years until he retired he was northwest editor and feature writer.

In June 1985, a reunion of The Minot Daily News staff was held in Minot. Many present and former staff members provided their memories of working at the newspaper for a booklet.

Lund wrote one of his memories:

“I recall particularly the time a man from Nebraska came to my desk and attempted to assault me for a story I had written about his father, who had frozen to death after being missing for a number of days. Some ‘friend’ at the police department advised the son who to look for when he came to The News. Fortunately, my life was saved by the late Bob Anderson, city editor, and Bob Cory, who ordered my assailant to leave the newsroom. Only injuries were to my pride.”

The newsroom changed and more modern technology was added. When computers were introduced in the newsroom Lund had no fear. He disbanded his trusty typewriter that he used to pound out his stories and accepted this new technology, soon learning how to use his new computer along with everyone else.

Lund and many of the others of his era are no longer living. We remember them with pride and honor — the men and women who worked hard to get the news and bring the news to The Minot Daily News’ readers. That effort continues today.


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