Adopt-An-Airman benefits airmen, local families

Many airmen arrive at Minot Air Force Base fresh out of basic training and technical school. Many of them have never been away from their friends and family back home, and now must learn about a new place where they will be living and working.

Not long ago a new program was set up at Minot AFB to help first-term airmen get acquainted with the local area while making new friends.

In this Weekend Edition of The Minot Daily News is a story focusing on the Adopt-An-Airman program established at Minot AFB.

The program started about two years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic to help anyone newly assigned to the base. Now it focuses on first-term airmen and the program has been extended with a partnership with the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce EDC’s Military Affairs Committee.

Currently, 19 first-term airmen are signed up for the program but there’s only five families participating who each have adopted two airmen into their families.

It would be encouraging to see more families participate, showing the kind of strong support for our Air Force neighbors that Minot is known for. The benefits go both ways with this program. It’s not just the airmen who make new friends. By “adopting” one or more than one of these young men and women who are serving our country, it gives your family an opportunity to share your life and introduce a newcomer to all Minot has to offer.

Master Sgt. Asua Rose, point of contact for the program, would be happy to hear from you. Just call her at 723-4429 or email teamminotaaa@gmail.com.


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