Highway Patrol prepares to defend State Capitol

First, N.D. state legislators had to weigh the risks of reporting for duty at the Capitol during a pandemic. That was tough enough, now this.

“This” being credible threats of violence that have been made against all the of nation’s state capitols including in Bismarck.

We are not naive when we ask just what the hell is wrong with people these days. What is so terrible about living in the richest and most free country in the world? Does one really think you would end up with a perfect, or even just a better country if you tore down the United States of America and rebuilt? Who are these crazies? Really, we need to find that out for all to know.

Thankfully, the highway patrol takes the threats seriously and is making plans to handle any situation. Unfortunately, they have been down this road before. Remember DAPL? North Dakota got an early taste of the sort of mob mentality that actually embraces the use of violence in “civil” protest. That was long before the rest of the country saw the new patriotism firsthand last summer in the form of senseless rioting.

Let us hope:

No. 1, that North Dakota is “off the radar” of these insurrectionists now and in the future.

No. 2, that the Highway Patrol is able to keep the peace in The Peace Garden State without individuals overreacting.

No. 3, that legislators don’t allow themselves to be distracted by the morons who are only out to have more than their say in the one-man one-vote system that the rest of us cherish.


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