Burgum’s move was in the right direction

We are all for Governor Burgum moving the COVID-19 threat level from high to moderate.

No, we don’t think COVID-19 is over with, but it is again, slowing down.

More importantly – small, locally owned, businesses are critical to the economic survival of North Dakota.

As of Monday, January 4, 2021 – North Dakota has experienced 93,464 positive cases of COVID-19 – 12.3% of North Dakota’s population has had this illness.

What is possibly even more staggering is that 49.82% of the population has been tested – almost half of the population.

Ward County has had 8,552 positives or 12.6%, and 45.39% tested. Again, staggering numbers. A total of 1,329 statewide died from the disease with 176 of those folks being from Ward County.

Currently there are 1,884 active positive cases in North Dakota and 170 in Ward County.

Enough people have died. It’s time to face the facts. This pandemic is real.

The disease is no longer the threat, we the human beings in this situation are the threat.

We need to follow CDC guidelines. Social Distance – six to 10 feet. Wear a mask.

If you’re not feeling well, stay home!

If you have come in close contact with someone who is not feeling well, stay home!

Wash your hands; don’t touch your eyes.

Then, why are we all for Burgum moving the threat level down? Common sense.

We believe that businesses should be allowed to reasonably operate in these times.

The capacity of a restaurant should be dictated by the size of the restaurant and how many tables can be placed six feet apart.

Business owners are a resourceful bunch and should be allowed to have input on how their businesses operate during this pandemic.

Business owners, after all, know their businesses better than anyone else. They will come up with resourceful ways to keep their businesses open and safe.

Let’s give them a chance to do it.


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