Vaccines could be available to healthcare workers this week

They’re finally coming – vaccines that is.

It comes after nearly a year of illness, far too many hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19, quarantines and isolations, postponed family gatherings and visits, job layoffs, not to mention constant testing, mask mandates, occasional restrictions on businesses and events, frequent online schooling and Zoom meetings.

Trinity Health announced on Friday that it is ready to receive the first shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine which could arrive as early as this week.

The first shots will be given to healthcare workers. Weeks or months down the road, other groups that are among the most vulnerable, such as long-term care residents and people who are high risk for complications of COVID-19, will be vaccinated. Vaccine supplies are expected to be limited at first. Vaccines will not be available to the general public until next spring or early summer, by many estimates.

In the meantime, the mask mandate, and restrictions on business and large gatherings will continue in North Dakota by order of the governor into mid-January, if not beyond. It is currently the only means available to slow down the spread of a virus that can be deadly and that has already claimed so many lives.


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