Local schoolchildren learn joy of giving

The Minot Daily News praises the efforts of children and teachers at Lewis and Clark Elementary in Minot who have raised $15,881.59 between 2005 and 2019 with their Penny Harvest campaign.

During the holiday season, children bring in coins and dollars. Their pooled resources go toward adding meat, fruits, and vegetables to classroom food baskets that will be given to Lewis and Clark families in need to make their holidays brighter.

The most the school ever raised in one year was in 2014, when the children collected $1,710.65 in coins and dollars.

The effort continued this year, even though kindergarteners couldn’t go on a field trip to the bank because of COVID-19 precautions.

Children are learning the joy of giving during this season.

We know that many other schools and organizations are also giving back this holiday season, even though it is more of a challenge this year than ever.


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