Time for ND’s Christmas wish list

With a contentious election now behind us it is time to look ahead to perhaps more important things – like penning a Christmas wish list.

For starters, how about a surefire way to halt the spread of COVID-19 and better ways to treat its symptoms? That should be at the top of everybody’s list.

One in 14 North Dakotans have tested positive for the virus and, obviously, many, many more have suffered from separation from friends and family. Finding a “cure” should be our number one wish.

And then there is the wish of many for a peaceful transition of power in the White House. Barring any historic decisions by the courts concerning the election, President Trump is almost certain to leave office peacefully. His legacy is on the line, and that legacy has been his number one focus since November four years ago.

Will the riots stop, though? That is another wish, and a big one because the new administration’s desire to intervene in such demonstrations is questionable.

Politics aside, timely rains next year for farmers would be nice. In fact it would be great if our weather stayed within the norms for the entire new year. Wishful thinking for sure, considering we live in North Dakota.

Another wish, this one an early one, would be that we can find in our hearts and in our means to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in meaningful ways. We might not be with family for Thanksgiving, but perhaps Christmas is being more realistic.

As for Thanksgiving, whether we find ourselves gathered with our closest family members or alone, we can all be thankful for one thing – regardless of our differing political beliefs, we still live in the greatest country in the world. Fact-check that if you please.


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