Ryder church adapts to pandemic changes in unique way

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing an area community’s pastor, church and parishioners are continuing to hold drive-in worship services.

Since Easter Sunday Calvary Church in Ryder has been holding the services.

For past weeks Pastor Jonathan Starks held the services on a flatbed trailer. With service is broadcast by short-range FM transmitter to people who listen on their vehicles’ radio.

But when the weather got cooler Starks began looking for a way to continue services.

The outcome of that search was a deer stand provided by Rod Johansen of the local area.

Now Starks is continuing to hold drive-in worship services from the deer stand.

The story about the church’s drive-in services continuing and the big green-colored deer stand was published in the Oct. 24-25 Weekend Edition of The Minot Daily News.

The unique set-up also got the attention of Gov. Doug Burgum who talked about the Ryder church’s drive-in worship services and the deer stand in his press briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic this past week.

On Sunday, the 30th drive-in service was held and the third service in the deer stand.


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