Some last-minute hints for undecided voters

With the much anticipated 2020 general election coming to a close soon, some people might still be wondering which candidates to vote for. That is understandable; there are ample qualified candidates in most of the races that area residents have a say in.

To those who are still undecided we recommend that Gov. Doug Burgum be given another term to show what he can do for North Dakota. Like President Donald Trump, who was dogged by enemies even before he was inaugurated, Burgum has been preoccupied this year with COVID-19. Both deserve another shot at governing.

Burgum. What can we say about the governor other than he is the right person for these times. If ever we needed a numbers and data guy in the top job in the state it is now. He has demonstrated in his many televised news briefings his command of the issues in the fight against COVID and without the buffoonery that other governors have inflicted on their citizens. Yes, he has been criticized for not requiring masks, but that mostly reflects the independence that North Dakotans routinely admire themselves for. We will see going forth whether true mask mandates are implemented but for now we don’t consider the present policy a case of lack of leadership on Burgum’s part.

Burgum has also had the right focus on jobs, energy, and along with his partner, has taken on the serious issue of substance abuse. Together they are making a positive difference for North Dakota families.

Even closer to home, we recommend keeping the current Ward County Commission intact. The county is making strides recovering from the disastrous flood of almost 10 years ago and personnel issues within the county seem to have been resolved. For now, tax increases have been curbed yet progress on infrastructure is being made. Incumbents Shelly Weppler, Jim Rostad and Alan Walter have earned our support.

However, it is your support that matters most – and that you demonstrate that support by voting in this very important election. There is still plenty of time and a lot on the line, locally and nationally.


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