City was right to fly rainbow flag

We, The Minot Daily News, stand with Mayor Shaun Sipma and council member Carrie Evans on the flag issue.

We applaud the flying of the LGBTQ2S+ flag on the flagpole outside of Minot City Hall.

Let us try to explain why in terms that are a little simpler.

Think of equal rights like it is a pie. Giving equal rights does not mean you give up a slice of your pie. It means everyone has access to the same type of pie and an equal amount not taking away from another, not the same pie. The same type of pie – we don’t share, everyone is equal, no one is less, no one is more.

We are all equal. Everyone is treated equally.

So, if they want to fly a flag, they’re not berated by a crowd full of hate, suspicion or misunderstood intentions.

Flying the rainbow flag is not about endorsing violence of any kind. Trying to tie flying a flag back to rioting and looting is really unacceptable.

If you think rioting ties back to any one movement, well, you’re wrong and that’s a discussion for a later day.

The LGBTQ2S+ stands for love. It stands for acceptance. It stands for something that we want to be a part of – and – we encourage our readers to cast aside hatred and do the same. We need to embrace love and acceptance.

Since the Bible was brought into this – Mark 12:31, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Keep fighting Magic City Equality, we are here to fight with you.

Fighting for equality is fighting for freedom. And we are all about freedom for all.


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