Minot zoo ready for visitors

Visitors had the opportunity to enjoy Minot’s Roosevelt Park Zoo this weekend.

After being closed for several weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the zoo opened its doors to visitors on Saturday despite the snow – officially beginning its summer season. On Sunday, visitors could celebrate Mother’s Day there.

Before the zoo’s opening, zoo officials announced social distancing would be practiced but that the facility can comfortably host 700 people in its 20-plus acres. Those who might not be comfortable being around many people can pick another day to visit the zoo.

Although the zoo was closed to visitors during the past weeks, zoo staff brought the zoo to visitors, especially kids, through a social media project.

Jennifer Kleen aka “Jungle Jen, executive director of the Minot Zoo Crew, presented on the zoo’s Facebook a series of stories in videos with various other zoo staff about the zoo and its inhabitants. The zoo’s Southern three-banded armadillo, giraffe and red pandas were among zoo inhabitants featured in the series.

The series of 30 videos ran daily for the first three weeks of quarantine. They’re sporadic now but are expected to continue at various times.

We’re happy the zoo is open again for visitors. It’s an opportunity for people to enjoy this special place in Minot and the outdoors.


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