Renovated Soo Line Depot a huge plus for downtown

The former Soo Line passenger depot near the north end of downtown Minot’s Main Street has seen busier times. The beautiful brick building with its copper roof was an anchor for the city’s business district during its heyday.

That can once again be said, as The Depot starts another new life as an event venue. The building has undergone renovation before; it was deluxe as an office for the Montgomery family’s insurance business and, most recently, was a natural fit for a museum.

But now fixed up to an even greater extent The Depot promises to become even more of an icon to new generations of Minoters.

As we reported, the depot was built in 1912 and holds so many memories. It has hosted presidents, seen troops off to war and welcomed them back home again. Rail transportation has always been vital to Minot’s economy and the Soo Line Depot a key piece of infrastructure. Downtown, it’s been the backdrop for countless parades with floats and marching bands, even elephants. It will be good to have the structure play a more vibrant role again under the ownership of Rolly and Vicki Ackerman and their daughter-in-law, Jessica Ackerman, who will be running the event space.

“We’re open as an event venue,” Jessica Ackerman said. “I think when you look back at the history of the building in 1912 and think about how people gathered indoors and downtown back then and how important it was to the community to have a facility like this, it’s almost like we’re doing that all over again over 100 years later; to create a space for people to celebrate some milestone in their family or with friends.”

It seems the property has come into the right hands again.

We hope the venue becomes exactly what the Ackermans want it to be and that Minoters make use of it and appreciate all the work the Ackermans have put into it.

Well done Ackermans.


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