There’s a lot on the line in ‘One Brand’ city strategy

This week, the Minot City Council approved a contract with Visit Minot that allows for the appropriation of $300,000 in MAGIC Fund money toward development of a One Brand marketing strategy for 2019-21. A committee selected Odney as consultant on the project.

For the sake of the future of the current council and administration, it better produce positive results for Minot.

The inherent strategy is reasonable. Instead of several organizations creating Minot marketing campaigns and virtually competing with one another, tourism development organizations are – on the surface – willing to collaborate on one marketing strategy to attract visitors and inspire economic activity in the city.

But will invested parties agree?

Can Odney come up with a strategy with the potential for success and unifying factors?

The stakes are high. Many in Minot have expressed the sentiment that this strategy is flawed from the beginning and that it is a waste of money. Some do not believe the different entities that would benefit from a “One Brand” strategy are unlikely to agree or – worse – simply not apply the campaign.

In any event, cynicism abounds. Many in town have attempted a similar approach with limited, if any, success.

However, city officials have now invested money in the process.

The cost of failure would be high.


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