New life for Minot State Dome

It might be hard to believe, but the Minot State University Dome has been around a long, long time.

Built in 1981, the Dome was beginning to show its age inside, which prompted renonnovations that are nearly complete. And they look great!

It seems it was just a few years ago when, perhaps because of an early winter storm, area children were invited to the Dome for trick-or-treating.

Also in the Dome’s history are a long string of high school basketball tournaments, NBA exhibition basketball games, Harlem Globetrotter shows and many more memorable events such as high school and MSU graduations that people flocked to the Dome to see. In fact, today’s young adults very likely might feel more connected to the Dome than they do to the Minot Municipal Auditorium, which for decades was the All Seasons Arena of its era.

All that history, along with the fact that the Dome is a hub for activity among MSU students, is why it is just so darn good to see new life being breathed into the Dome.

In Saturday’s edition, reporter Kim Fundingsland told us about the new seating and improved access users of the Dome are certain to appreciate.

“The changes at Minot’s largest indoor facility are remarkable, quite a sight to behold …,” the Minot native wrote with a hint of pride creeping into his article. But Fundingsland is a pro and told the story straight. The MSU Dome renovation project is going to be a hit with students and the general public.

Easier access, more comfortable chairs, wider aisles, talk of a club setting someday; Minot is going to love the Dome like never before once the current work is done.

What is especially nice about the Dome project is that area people and businesses helped make it happen through generous donations. For example, and this is just one, First International Bank & Trust gave $140,000 this past winter to help with renovations.

And then there was $105,000 each from Ryan Family Dealerships and First Western Bank& Trust, and $140,000 from Scheels – all to go toward new seating.

A statement from First International at the time of its donation said in part, “First International Bank & Trust is a proud partner in making sure the facility continues to be a point of pride in the Minot Community.”

Thanks to many people, businesses, organizations and taxpayers, that is exactly what is being accomplished now.