It’s time Ward County has a K-9 deputy

The Minot Police Department has a new K-9 in Caspian, a two-year-old Tervuren Shepherd trained to sniff out explosives.

Caspian was introduced to city council members last week and put on a short demonstration. Also last week the Ward County Commission gave its approval for Sheriff Robert Roed to sniff out potential donors for a K-9 deputy for his department.

That is a good decision on the part of Roed and the commission. Time and time again dogs trained to help law enforcement prove to be more than worth what taxpayers invest in them. They have saved lives, including those of their handlers, on many occasions in just recent history. Their value to the public cannot be easily measured.

And, as our world becomes more dangerous, Minot and Ward County too – well, law enforcement needs all the practical tools it can muster to carry out their jobs.

Roed told commissioners that there has been good interest from the public. The commission approved his request to send letters of solicitation to potential donors.

The letter notes that starting a K-9 program is a huge undertaking in planning, training and finances. The initial startup cost is $29,500. The department is seeking a single donor or several donors to raise the funds for the first year’s operation.

It was reassuring to see the reaction of one commissioner not shy about backing such a commonsense idea.

“I would be in favor of this,” Commissioner Jim Rostad said. “Even if he was to add it to his budget, I think this is forward thinking. I absolutely endorse it.”

Rostad is right. Good luck to Roed in getting the right dog for the department.

People interested in making this happen can submit donations to an account being established at First International Bank & Trust in Minot. County residents or organizations can stop by or send donations to the bank.


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