Delegation should ‘grease the skids’ to improve local postal performance

Ward County Commissioner Alan Walter isn’t the only person in Minot with concerns about postal service in the county.

Nor is Ward County itself the only mail recipient which has struggled with a variety of postal related service weaknesses. Minot Daily News readers frequently express their struggles with sending and receiving mail efficiently.

Yet, postal authorities have asserted that there is no problem with service in Minot and that there aren’t at least a significant volume of complaints.

Something has to give.

Walter has now taken his concerns to the top – to the state’s congressional delegation.

“I’m looking for them to make some changes in their operation,” Walter told Minot Daily News earlier this week. “Hopefully, the congressional delegation sees that there is a problem and can put a little grease on the skids to get it moving.”

Walter provided MDN with a packet of information and examples of postal issues the County has faced – some rather egregious on the surface. These examples mirror those readers of the newspaper have shared with MDN.

Whether or not the current practice of much Minot mail having to move through Bismarck in processing is the source of the problems is unclear. Perhaps there are numerous factors. It’s entirely possible that local postal employees aren’t part of the problem at all.

Therefore a systems review and examination is a logical step. It’s the only way a systemic problem could be identified and rectified.

Walter is on the right track in asking for the assistance of the congressional delegation, and we are lucky to have a delegation that is generally responsive to the needs of state residents.

Furthermore, MDN encourages members of the delegation to address Walter’s concerns – and thus the concerns of many in Minot.

Perhaps that will make a difference.