Some examples of time well-spent

With the Fourth of July almost here, it seems like summer is slipping away. Didn’t we just get the patio furniture out?

Yes, we are all exceedingly busy and need to remind ourselves to slow down once in a while to enjoy life. But with all the crime and craziness we read about or witness ourselves happening around town, well, clearly some people don’t know how to properly invest their God-given 24 hours a day.

It occurred to us that in recent days, two stories our reporters covered showed examples of people having fun, yet learning and benefiting others at the same time.

First there is the Minot Prairie Quilt Guild. A group of members on June 22 constructed the first wave of weighted blankets for use by individuals with ADHD, PTSD, anxiety and other similar hardships as a means of comfort and security.

Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like – they’re heavier blankets filled with a material and can help with a variety of health hardships.

The day’s efforts produced approximately 50 blankets, with another 40-50 to be completed this summer for distribution to Headstart, Minot Public School, the Vet Center in Minot, First District Health and Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch as well as to the Williston school.

What a terrific way to use one’s time and talent. Find them on Facebook if you are interested in joining the Guild.

The second example we’ve deemed worth pointing out is actually a business. But what a service they provide.

MDN Reporter Andrea Johnson told us all about them in Sunday’s edition.

“Every child who reaches graduation – every child – is able to play a simple melody in any key,” said Terri Aldrich, who purchased the Children’s Music Academy three years ago after having served as director of the Minot Area Council of the Arts for a number of years. “They play a solo for their graduation. They are able to recognize a 1, 4, 5 chord progression … they’re able to recognize things by ear … they’re able to … recognize all of the notes on the grand staff. So there is a tremendous growth in those three and a half years and it gives them a tremendous musical foundation.”

That is no small accomplishment, especially when you consider all of the activities – good and bad – competing for kids’ time these days.

Aldrich said the Children’s Music Academy, which is a franchise, just started offering a class for older students, ages 8 to 11, who are older music beginners. It is the only Children’s Music Academy in the country that offers the senior curriculum.

“The families are loving it,” said Aldrich. “The students are loving it. It’s really exciting to be the only one in the nation to offer that.”

Thanks to Terri Aldrich and thanks to the Minot Prairie Quilt Guild. Whether you realize it or not, what you are doing greatly improves the quality of life in this community. Well done.

Now, let’s all enjoy the upcoming holiday. Don’t let the moment and the good memories slip by.


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