Making ready for the Family Motor Coach Association

One down, two to go.

The North Dakota State Fair concluded Saturday, and it was another good one put on by the State Fair staff and others. But there won’t be much time this year to reflect – two more big events are coming up almost back to back.

The Family Motor Coach Convention runs Aug. 14-17. When they clear out it will be time to get ready for the annual Norsk Hostest Sept. 25-28. If that is not enough, there are events in between those dates, including Motor Mania over the Labor Day weekend; another big draw.

So it’s going to be busy for some time on the State Fairgrounds, and hopefully at businesses around town.

But it is time now to focus on the FMCA, which is holding its 100th annual national convention in the Magic City. Talk about an honor for us. We at Minot Daily News don’t know exactly how many motor home owners will be attending the centennial event, but we imagine the rally will be as big or bigger than the three previous FMCA events held in Minot.

Prepping the fairgrounds for three major events in three months is a big job. But North Dakota State Fair staff say they are ready.

“You can’t do it with a good crew. You have to have a great crew to do it. We have such a great crew,” Craig Rudland, assistant general manager of the North Dakota State Fair told Minot Daily News for a recent article.

That is something we should also feel fortunate to have. Imagine trying to pull off three huge, moneymaker events and not having the muscle to get the job done.

As soon as the fair ended Saturday night, crews were scheduled to immediately begin removing dirt from the arenas used for livestock competitions. Cleaning crews will arrive today to begin hitting daily benchmarks necessary to prepare all the buildings for the next events. The goal is to stay ahead of FMCA advance teams arriving on Aug. 4.

So get ready, Minot. If you like seeing big travel rigs up close, you’re going to love it when the FMCA families pull into town.

State Fair team: You got this!


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