Continuing progress at Trinity site good news for region

There are a number of aspects of Trinity Health’s ongoing process with its new site that should be good news to Minot and regional communities.

First is news that despite the spring incident with a gas explosion that (as we knew) no one was hurt and that development just continued on other parts of the campus.

Second is news that the incident didn’t delay the overall intended completion date for the project in 2021.

Third is that Trinity and its contractors have handled the aftermath of the fire perfectly and responsibly. Literally every conceivably impacted part of the project is being thoroughly examined to make sure it is safe for use in construction.

Fourth is that Trinity Health is being transparent with its safety check and inspection results.

What more could the community ask for?

Some businesses with a project this size might have been gun-shy and shut down progress for a long time. Trinity was progressing elsewhere on its site within a week or so of the unfortunate accidental fire. Others might not be so open with results of the investigation or a progress update.

Those aren’t problems with this process. Trinity has done the right thing in providing information in an appropriate timeline.

Additionally, Trinity and its contractors have done a good job in keeping the project on schedule. It’s important to the entire region.