Impeachment: How to not win friends and influence people

Congressional Democrats are once again throwing around the idea of impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump.

At the same time, left-leaning consultants and talking heads are warning that such an attempt is a course to disaster, as Republicans learned in impeaching former President Bill Clinton. But the leftward tilt of the Democrat party has increased pressure on those in office to pursue impeachment, which inevitably has virtually no chance of passing the U.S. Senate and thus is a toothless but media-friendly effort.

If Democrats continue to pursue the impeachment agenda, it is a sure loser when it comes to achieving what many claim they need to achieve: win back middle American, middle class, Midwest and industrial state voters.

It looks entirely political from the outside. Meanwhile the nation needs policy, not political positioning.

That’s obvious in a state like North Dakota. This was once a bluer state, with Democrat officials dominating federal offices. We aren’t the only state that has seen a complete reversal of perspective. Oklahoma, Will Rogers’ home state, was also once solidly “blue.” There are other states that have flipped back and forth between dominance. It is most notable in North Dakota because of just how Democrat leaning the electorate once was and how little influence Democrats have today here – at any level.

Impeachment would only make things worse. One, it cannot succeed. Two, it is really just the impetus for 24-hour media coverage by news outlets that openly express their opposition to the current administration. Perhaps most importantly, it also is going to isolate and insult middle-of-the-road voters in the Midwest and middle America in general who supported Trump, despite having perhaps supported Democrat presidential candidates in the past.

The problem is priorities. Whether one agrees or disagrees with policies instituted by the executive branch under President Trump, it is obvious that the only things the federal government has accomplished in the past two years have been based on executive orders and the branch’s administrative authority. Years now of investigation and obstruction of any progress have done nothing for the American people, much less those in the Midwest.

Has infrastructure been addressed? Has healthcare been addressed? Has comprehensive immigration reform been addressed? Goodness knows, there isn’t a soul in Washington, D.C., with the guts to address Social Security reform.

No, instead we are treated to a steady diet in the news of investigations, obstruction and the absolute principle that the party without control of the White House has no interest in anything but trying to reverse the 2016 election.

At the heart of the problem is that goal to win back the blue collar and Midwestern voters Trump acquired. There was a reason he garnered their support and the path for Democrats to win them back is not to belittle their decision and ignore the needs of the nation.

Impeachment isn’t just a losing strategy for Democrats. It continues to waste time, which then becomes a losing proposition for the country.

Enough with the politics – perhaps Congress should address public policy.