Hopefully Minot never misses Independence Day fireworks again

All looks well for the Minot Fireworks Association and its efforts to raise funds for Independence Day fireworks at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

According to the organization, fundraising is just a few thousand dollars short, with donations still coming in from donors, including through gofundme.com/MinotFireworks2019, Facebook and collections made at Cash Wise Grocery.

It appears there will be fireworks as part of Minot residents’ Independence Day observance this year once again.

That’s a far cry from a couple of years ago, private efforts fell short and the skies over town were largely dark for the quintessential U.S. holiday.

It was an embarrassment for Minot to not have had a display one year in a city our size, being a city with a major Air Force base sitting outside of it and with the number of service members and veterans in the town proper. It was disappointing of city leaders to permit it to happen and it was bad public relations for the whole community.

Hopefully it never happens again.

The efforts of the Minot Fireworks Association will hopefully make sure the lack of a fireworks display was a one-time occasion and the people of the city and region can have traditional Independence Day celebrations in perpetuity.

Thanks to the Minot Fireworks Association and all of those who have contributed to this year’s display fundraising.

Congratulations and a job well done on behalf of Minot Daily News and the residents of Minot.


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