Hopefully lessons of D-Day are never forgotten

Now that D-Day observances are complete, one can’t help but hope if the lessons of that fateful day (and the days that followed) are never forgotten.

Those lessons? How about that there is good and evil and modern moral equivalency can never erase that? Modern Americans have a bad habit of revising history to fit today’s political imperative. God help us if modern American history revisionists ever decide to declare D-Day an invasion attempt instead of a liberation of the nations from which most American’s families originated at the time.


The American soldiers who landed in Europe on D-Day are quintessential, unquestionable heroes. Many knew they were landing and assaulting a German buzzsaw of defenses. The most common assertion by D-Day vets is that they considered it their moral duty. How is that not the definition of “hero”?

D-Day was the beginning of the end of the Nazi regime. Even the Germans now recollect the occasion as the liberation of their nation from Nazi leadership. They’re obviously more comfortable with revisionist history than are Americans, the English, the French and everyone else persecuted by forces loyal to Hitler and his ilk.

Honoring real heroes is uncommon these days. The definition of “hero” has been diluted over the years. But most with a knowledge of history understand reality. Landing on a beach where you know you face allegedly unbeatable odds is different than being named a hero for insulting a president or staking out a politically correct political position. Heroes put their lives on the line; they don’t stake out the title by reflecting the opinions of powerful political forces. The latter aren’t even close to heroes.

Minot Daily News supports the education of our young people about the truth of D-Day; supports those remaining heroes who were there wholeheartedly; and hopes that, if ever needed for the betterment of humanity, that Americans will always stake out the high ground even if there is a cost of blood and treasure.

Our country is unique on the planet. Let’s hope that never gets “revised” or erased by the forces of internationalism and moral equivalency. There was no equivalency when it came to defeating Nazis.

MDN hopes this absolute truth is forever taught to our young. And God bless those who fought on D-Day and every other day that good fought evil – and won.


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