YWCA puts fun in fundraising

A successful fundraiser held last fall will be repeated later this year.

The second annual Over the Edge will take place once again at the Parker Center in downtown Minot, on Aug. 17.

The event provides an opportunity for members of the public to rappel down the eight story Parker Center to help raise money to support the region’s only women’s and children’s homeless shelter.

That’s right, they rappel down the side of the former hotel, which sounds like fun – to either watch or actually do. That’s obviously why the event is back on the calendar this year; people enjoyed it. That is key to any fundraiser.

But it also helps to have a good cause to begin with, and there the YWCA is solid.

It’s been empowering women since the early days of Minot and still provides a very needed service to women in the area.

If that weren’t enough, the act of rappeling – or braving up for it – is not unlike what the clients of the YWCA go through in their daily lives.

“Every day, the women and children in our shelter are conquering their fears and taking tangible steps towards breaking the cycle of homelessness in their lives. We’re challenging the community to conquer their own fears and rappel eight stories for hope – hope for the clients we serve and hope for the end of homelessness in our area,” said Ashley Boyd, YWCA Executive Director.

We’re told that registration for Over the Edge 2019 is officially open. To secure a spot to rappel, each participating “Edger” needs to raise a minimum of $1,000. Participants must be 16 or older and hit their $1,000 fundraising goal in order to go Over the Edge at the Parker Center.

Good luck to all Edgers in your fundraising efforts.


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