We can do better for seniors

North Dakota’s government on all levels does a good job at taking care of veterans. The same is true of seniors, in general.

There are states that do worse. In particular, not all states appreciate and honor military veterans the ways we do. This is something about which we should be proud.

Some members of the Legislature have suggested eliminating the state income tax on Social Security recipients.

Seems reasonable in the the next biennium. The Legislature spends so much time on nonsense.

Let’s talk relief for the state’s most vulnerable, and often least respected members of the community. Sure the Left and Right pander for votes.

Stop soaking Social Security tax income. It’s statistically irrelevant. Pennies relative to millions nationwide.

We have state funds from energy funds.

We have massive tax increases locally, even if perfectly explainable?

But Seniors’ Social Security?

We have issues. But isn’t ethics first part of our culture?

Gov. Burgum and the Legislature, get on your jobs, and don’t continue punishing the elderly.


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