Second Amendment tinkering won’t play in North Dakota

As the nation’s most exposed politicians move to the extreme left, it was only a matter of time until some got to the issue of guns and gun control.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and who is allegedly considering a presidential run as an independent, is the latest to issue an opinion. Presumably the far left candidates dominating the primary race will too, after the hurdle of Iowa is over.

Cuban wants to adjust the Second Amendment although it is tough to say exactly how. He asserts he believes in the right for every law-abiding individual to be armed but also that states should be able to exert rules and regulations over ownership. Yet the courts have already asserted this right, so it is difficult to determine why a change to the U.S. Constitution is necessary.

But you can bet that other candidates will continue their move left on the issue of gun control.

Editing the U.S. Constitution or further restricting the rights of gun owners will never play in North Dakota. Nor should it. North Dakotans can pride themselves on supporting one of the ultimate freedoms enshrined by the nation’s founders.

Like other sizable, largely rural states carved from the West, North Dakota is built on self-reliance and on the link of community. It has not been built on reliance on the government. We tend to ourselves and care and protect our neighbors.

Restricting gun ownership and rights is an issue to those who have no reason to understand it. If one lives behind gilded walls, has private security or lives somewhere that can access police services in 90 seconds (i.e. rich urban communities) then it is easy to support oppressive gun control. Who needs to be able to protect themselves when police are a block away?

The rest of the country lives in a different world… one in which police and emergency services are a long way from our homes.

That’s us. And thankfully our citizens have not given in to the idea that a benevolent government is part of our daily lives and protects us from all harm.


Few if any deny the restriction of gun ownership to dangerous felons, the mentally ill or children. That’s logical to most people. But amending the Constitution to restrict ownership by the law abiding is unacceptable.

How’s that restrictive gun control policy working for Chicago?

Minot Daily News supports the tenets of the Constitution. That includes the right of people to defend themselves in their homes, without equivocation.

We will see in the coming year more attempts to limit the right of people to defend themselves, to make us dependent on government.

North Dakota should not and will not accept that principle. It isn’t even a principle. It’s a virtual theology for some – the moronic belief that guns kill people and without guns there would be no violence. Sure, because historic epochs were so peaceful before gunpowder.

Radicals should go sell their extreme nonsense somewhere else. It isn’t going to play in North Dakota.