Local legislators should be proud of accomplishments this year

Taken as a group, sometimes the North Dakota Legislature historically can look pretty silly. They often spend valuable time in our biennium structure discussing proposed legislation which is either never going to happen or that should never happen.

Sure, there might have been a few proposals this session that continued this pattern, even if it is difficult to point out a glaring example that was an actual success.

By and large, though, the Legislature and Gov. Doug Burgum, often on the same page, made some important decisions.

Our local delegation should be proud of – and credited for – doing an excellent job at having area needs addressed. We’re not talking everyday “bring home the bacon” success, which is often open to criticism. No, we’re talking actual needs.

Just to name a few: $82.5 million for the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project and $100 million for the Northwest Area Water Supply Project; passage of the Prairie Dog Bill which will bring an estimated $12 million in biennium hub city funding to Minot; about $5.7 million in infrastructure funding to Ward County; and $2.2 million for Minot Public School and additional money to area communities.

Additionally, a bill to foster the merger of Minot Park District and Recreation Commission passed with strong support – which is of vital importance to the process. Minot State University’s $710,000 in “hold harmless” funding based on the 2011 flood wasn’t an easy goal to accomplish, but our delegation did a good job in getting it done.

In a visit with the Minot Daily News editorial board on Friday, Gov. Burgum was quite upbeat about the successes for Minot and Ward County in this session.

Minot and Ward County came out well this session. That wouldn’t be possible without our local delegation, the Legislature overall – and the governor’s attention to the needs of our community.

Yes, there were missed opportunities this session. But in terms of the vital needs of our city and county, we fared quite well.

Congratulations to our delegation for a job well done.


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