Good news on teacher agreement

The last time Minot teachers and the school board discussed contract details, it did not end well for teachers. Or so they said. Not that the problem was the board. On the contrary, it represented the realities of the current financial situation of available revenue at the moment.

This year, the situation is different. The school board has more funds available and that is reflected in the contract agreement recently approved. Bravo to them.

Minot Daily News feels the board’s offer is a good one. It is also acceptable to Minot teachers, who voted to ratify it. A good offer this year is better than the one offered last time, which due to budget realities was unimpressive.

Readers agree about the importance of teachers in society, so this year’s deal is more palatable – as it should be.

Yes, the issues of domestic partner policy and the personal safety of teachers could have been better addressed. But MDN believes those issues will be addressed in the future. But the financial structure of the agreement seems solid.

MDN supports the current agreement. It supports our invaluable work of teachers, the realistic position of the school board’s budget and – most importantly – the needs of students.

Furthermore the agreement should give stakeholders confidence in the process.

MDN strongly supports the endorsed agreement and hopes it bodes well for our good schools for the next two years.