People in the news doing good

It might sometimes seem a daunting task to be kind to one another but it’s actually not that difficult or uncommon. In fact, it happens a lot. It just doesn’t get reported often enough.

Witness the following people – some you might even know – who were doing good deeds in their community recently or who have set plans to do so in the days to come.

First up are all the kids who took part in Earth Day activities. While we can’t say how widespread participation is in the area several kids from Minot’s Erik Ramstad Middle School were photographed picking up trash on Earth Day.

Students Axel Parker, Carter Larson, Brady Larson, Brayden Oswalt, Andrew Hove, Brady Green, Caylon Demorest and Alayna Wood were caught in the act of picking up trash on the school grounds last Wednesday.

We were told they are members of the computer club, which also sold Earth Day shirts for a fundraiser to purchase an iPad for lessons.

Nothing wrong with raising a little scratch while pitching in to make our dot on the globe cleaner and brighter. Congratulations kids.

Also worth mentioning again are the number of area shoppers who took stores up on their offer to give away reusable grocery bags. Keep using those handy bags, please. You are making a difference.

Another example of people being kind involves Brave the Shave, which was held Saturday to raise money for kids with cancer.

Bob Wolf, a volunteer, said about 60 people had their heads shaved last year when the event raised around $20,000 for organizations that help kids with cancer.

That is tremendous. We hope to hear how they fared this year. To those who braved the shave, thanks. And don’t worry, it should all grow back in time for next year’s shave. One of the most heartwarming events we’ve been blessed to cover over the years is the bike giveaways put on by Bob Gross of Minot.

The latest giveaway – of 200 new bicycles – will be held at Roosevelt Park on Saturday, May 4. The event for youngsters of all ages will begin at 6 p.m.

“They are beautiful bikes, brand new from day one,” said Gross. “There will be over 200 happy children in Minot.”

This is the 15th year that Gross has conducted the giveaway in memory of his nephew DaySun Gross, who was killed at age 17 while riding in a vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver.

“It’s in memory of all youth that have passed on, anyone’s son or daughter,” Gross told the Minot Daily News. “Every kid is special to everybody. I want to thank everyone involved.”

We sense that DaySun was a very special kid too. It is so very kind of Gross to do this on DaySun’s behalf, and for so many years.

No, Gross is not a one-percenter, at least not that we are aware of. And not that that would even matter. Bob is, though, we know, a hard-working house painter with a soft heart – who delights when a smiling kid gets a new bike.

Thanks, Bob, for all you’ve done for the kids of Minot.